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I am fifty something and I love my family and the life I live. I'm an optimistic person by nature and I try to find a positive for every negative. I'm not a vegetarian, but the animal I eat is. I enjoy cooking, photography and scrapbooking. Since living here I have become a gardener and take immense joy in the beauty of my garden. My husband and I feel that we are the caretakers of the land rather than land owners. We run a grass fed Droughtmaster Stud on our little piece of Paradise and the cattle are a never ending supply of photo opportunities.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Tropical Nectarine

We planted a tropical nectarine in our garden last year and it surprised us by giving us three delicious little nectarines.  The tree was only a few months old!
This year it is covered in buds turning into flowers that should turn into nectarines.  People have told us that the fruit fly will be our enemy so I will make sure that I hang a few sticky baits in the tree when it starts to fruit.  I can't wait to have so many nectarines that I have to stew them coz I love stewed fruit!

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