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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Day 6, 7 & 8 - Toowoomba

It has been head down and bum up since we arrived at Toowoomba on Saturday evening.  Mum had already asked that I clean out her cupboards for her and it has turned into a rather large job. I started in the kitchen and  decided to remove everything from the high cupboards as they are just too high for mum to reach safely. I packed everything that mum no longer used and ended up with four large cartons of "stuff" to go to Lifeline and a large bag of clothes to go to the older persons home.
On Sunday we took time off cleaning to have lunch at the Toowoomba Golf Club as John is a member there.  Mum's sister Ann and her husband Ken also joined us for a delicious lunch.  We hadn't seen Aunty Ann and Uncle Ken since they lost their son this time last year.  It is has been a difficult year for them and we, unfortunately, know exactly how they feel.
After lunch we came back to mum's place for tea, coffee and cake and talked for hours.  It was great.  After Ann and Ken left we rested a little while and decided that because we had all had a substantial lunch we would simply munch on a few nibblies for dinner.  Philip and I also took a lengthy walk around Mum's suburb.  I love doing this walk although it was very cool and windy when we walked.

Our time with Mum and John ended today with a photo shoot (we still can't master the selfie shot!) and our next stop will be Woolgoolga.

Outside the Golf Club with Mum, John, Ann and Ken.

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