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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Day 10 - Woolgoolga

Today has been both tiring and exhilarating.  We have driven through some beautiful country but in order to do that we have also driven roads that are strictly four wheel drive.
Our day started at 8.30 am when we dropped our camper into Active Campers for some modifications.  They are not big changes however we won't be picking the camper up again until tomorrow morning.
The day started bleak and rainy so we planned our day around a drive day.  I had been reading a little about the area and decided that a trip to Dorrigo sounded like a good idea.  The thought was to visit the National Park but looking towards the ranges we knew that would depend on the weather.
We headed south along the A1 to Coffs Harbour and from there we headed to the beachside town of Sawtell.
There is a picturesque lookout here and we walked around the headland and admired the lovely views.  We stopped and watched dolphins frolicking in the waves and started chatting to another couple who were making their way back to Sydney after attending a wedding in Byron Bay.

After Sawtell we crossed the A1 and started heading west towards Dorrigo.  We took the back road that was good quality gravel and well maintained.  It was just 59 kms to Dorrigo but the trip took well over an hour.  The road was windy and it was a steady climb but we still enjoyed the rainforest drive that was not unlike our own rainforest drive at Mt. Lewis near Julatten.  Just as we were starting to think we would never be out of the rainforest the scenery changed into magnificent grazing land.
The road we took brought us out at Waterfall Way.  It is well named as there are numerous roadside waterfalls but pulling over on the windy road to photograph them is quite hazardous.
Waterfall Way wound its way along the southern side of Dorrigo National Park and although we thought we might stop here we knew any views would be obscured by clouds so we kept on going to Dorrigo.
What a gorgeous little town this is.  It almost felt like a step back in time as we strolled the streets.  Antique shops mingled with lolly shops that sat alongside friendly cafes and trendy dress shops.

When we fuelled up we ask the attendant where the best place was to eat and without hesitation she said "go to the pub on the corner", so that's where we headed for lunch.  It was a great recommendation as the food we ordered was delicious.  I ordered the home made crumbed veal with salad and chips and Philip ordered the bangers and mash.  I almost had a heart attack at the size of my steak.  It was, hand on my heart, bigger than the plate!  I cut it in half and gave one half to Philip but even the half I was left with filled me to over brimming.  I just wish I had remembered to take a photo!

Back in the car after a stroll along the streets our next stop was at Danger Falls.  A quick photo and back in the car to head towards the little towns of Megan, Brooklana and Ulong.

The road once again was gravel and winding but still very beautiful.  The road followed the old railway line and we actually passed under one of the old bridges.  What a shame that these old railway lines have been allowed to fall into disrepair.

I keep harping on about the countryside but it really was very pretty and not unlike where we live but much colder and of course the dairy farms disappeared from Julatten many years ago.

We arrived back in Woolgoolga around 4.00 pm after the 170 km round trip and walked to our favourite coffee shop for coffee and cake...well....Lemon Meringue Pie in this case.

After this indulgence we took another final long walk along the beach.  Gee we love this place.  Pity it's so far away.

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