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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Day 14 - Cathedrals on Fraser

Today we decided to do....... NOTHING!  
Seriously, every day has been a busy day with lots of travel so it was a relief to sit back and do nothing.  Actually it was for the best as Philip has come down with some sort of "bug".  He had a very restless night last night and today all he wanted to do was sleep so our day was planned.
I took the opportunity to catch up on a bit of washing and then sat back with the Weekend Australian and a nice bottle of Rose and that was my day.  It was pure bliss and I was in bed asleep by 7.00 pm.  Tomorrow was going to be an early start to hit the beach at low tide as we planned to go to Lake Mackenzie and perhaps move camp to Central Camping Station as we have realised that we won't be able to make the return ferry in time from our present camp.  Uhhhummmm.  Better planning next time.

For lunch - Roast Pumpkin, Lemon Kale, Hommus, Pepittas and Pomegranate

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