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Monday, 20 November 2017

Day 6 - Evergreen

We got out of bed nice and early this morning as we wanted to walk to the highest point on Evergreen.  The Maremmas came with us and were very playful.  The view from the ridge was spectacular and I marvelled again at how pretty Evergreen is, particularly after the rain that they had been receiving.

After a quick breakfast we packed up the camper as we will be heading to Toowoomba later in the day but first Marco and Suzie wanted to take us for a drive around Evergreen. We set off in the two "red rigs" and first stop was the orchard where M & S had planted 250 fig trees. The next trees to go in will be pomegranate, then lemons and lastly pink grapefruit.  All up they have approximately 15 acres under irrigation ready for planting.

Next stop was the cattle. What a difference a year makes.  This time last year it was very dry and the cattle were feeling the effects of the drought.  Now that there is plenty of feed the cattle were looking fantastic.

After this we drove up to a high point along the Mary River where Marco showed us the level of the floodwaters.  OMG!  The Mary River in flood would be both awesome and terrifying.

Next we did a boundary run we saw where the timber logging had been happening.  M & S have loggers come in and choose trees that will be turned into Ergon poles.

We took the long way home around the boundary and saw some interesting things like this tree stump used as a fence strainer

And this stone  bridge on Emerys Creek Road

We chuckled at this sign as we had just been to Cooktown the weekend before we left.  We have certainly covered some kilometres since then!

We looked down onto the old Emerys Road Bridge as we traversed the new bridge

And then Marco took us to the burial site of the original owner

It was all too soon that we had to say goodbye to Marco and Suzie and "Evergreen" and we are already looking forward to our next visit.

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