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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Cut Flowers

One of the greatest joys I get from my garden is wandering around and cutting flowers to bring inside. I am spoilt for choice at the moment.  Today I picked Thai Lillies, Spider Lillies, Day Lillies, Zinnias, Ixora, Rose of Sharon, the heavily scented Tuberose and some grass flowers.

So much beautiful colour
As I'm picking the flowers I am already planning how I will arrange them.  My latest "vases" have been a couple of crystal decanters.  They were given to us as wedding presents but have rarely been used. They make a great vase for a simple arrangement.

A different way to use a decanter.
I nearly always have flowers sitting on the ledge behind the sink and the zinnias look lovely in these small recycled bottles.

The Thai Lillies are a little harder to have in a vase due to their shape but this watering can makes any arrangement look great and is perfect for the lilies.

Lastly I have a big vase of flowers on the dining room table.  This time I have used the Ixora, Zinnia and Day lilies.  I have to be very careful where I place a vase with day lilies because they do drip and the resulting stain can be very hard to remove if they have been placed on bare timber.  I have placed the vase on a table runner just to be safe.

I am very lucky to have so much colour growing in my garden.

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