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Monday, 8 September 2014

A new car.

When Kurt was still with us more than 14 years ago we used to talk about our dream car.  Kurt and Marc loved the big powerful V8 super cars, and of course so did we.  Most particularly the HSV's.  We always had these conversations when we were about to trade in a vehicle.
Living in the west with dirt roads made our choice of car quite easy.  Toyota Landcruiser or Toyota Landcruiser.  These vehicles just simply stood up to the job of boggy roads in the middle of the wet season.  We had tried different makes of vehicles over the years for our "workhorses" but nothing came near the good old Toyota.  We had Hi-Lux work vehicles and Wagon town cars.  We never kept the vehicles more than four years as they had too many kms on them after that.
But we always remembered the talks we had about the HSV's and we secretly longed for one!
When we moved to Julatten we traded the Landcruiser Wagon on a Honda Accord and we have loved that car for almost eight years and 180,000 km.  But it was time to say goodbye.  We talked about what vehicle we should buy.  Gosh, there are so many on the market.  We didn't need a four wheel drive as the Toyota tray back that we own is just fine for if we need to go off-road so we decided to stay with a sedan.
The HSV was our top choice, but, (a) did we want a V8 (Yes!), (b) would we mind paying for extra fuel (Yes, but we would drink one less bottle of wine each week Hahah!).  So after months of procrastinating we finally ordered a HSV Senator Signature.  They advised us that it would take about three months to build and would be here about the middle of September.  Image our surprise when the Holden dealership rang us and said it would be ready for delivery on the 5th September....Kurt's Birthday!!!!  It was most definitely an omen.
So, Kurt and Marc this one's for you.  Hope you like our choice.....

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