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Tuesday, 16 September 2014


After breakfast at Palmers Golf Club I headed south to Kuranda for a bar-b-que at our friends house.  Our friends have just come back from a cruise around the Mediterranean so I was eager to hear about the places they visited and enjoyed.  Hubby and I did a similar cruise a few years ago so I was familiar with a lot of the places that they visited.  We both agreed that Venice received a big tick of approval.
I was also pleased to finally meet their newest grand-daughter, Madeleine.  You may recall a photo shoot that I did back in May (you can see it HERE) of the very pregnant parents.  It was lovely to see their little bundle of joy and what a beautiful little girl she is.  I just could't put the camera down.  She is just so adorable.
I had a lovely day and made my way home before dark.  Unfortunately (I think) I will get a speeding ticket when I passed through Mareeba.  It seems so unfair.  The police had set up a camera car just before the 80km zone on the east side of town.  I looked down and I was doing 67kph.   Fingers crossed.
Some photos from the day.....
Such a lovely family photo.

Madeleine's second cousin.

Just all smiles.

Oh! Those eyes!

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