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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Fathers Day

When we took delivery of the car on Friday the salesman told us that we needed to "run it in".  This meant not sitting on one speed but varying it from time to time.  We decided that for Fathers Day we would do the circuit, Julatten/Mareeba/Kuranda/Port Douglas/Julatten.  This gave us a good couple of road stretches to break the speed limit a little and see what this car was made of.  We weren't disappointed.  We had morning coffee at Mareeba and lunch at Speewah Country Tavern.  We hadn't been there before and it is definitely a place we will re-visit.  The food was excellent and the prices didn't break the bank.

Philip ordered a seafood basket....

and I ordered a ceasar salad with calamari....yummm!

After lunch we made our way to Kuranda and Rainforest Station.  Philip's mum had told us how much she enjoyed it there, and most particularly how much fun the Army Ducks were.  She wasn't wrong.  We had a great time and would recommend it to anyone visiting Kuranda.  But before boarding the Army Duck we wandered around the zoo enclosure where we got up close and personal with a Cassowary, a Wallaby (with joey) and Freshwater Crocodiles.

The crocs apparently don't eat turtles!

After the zoo it was on to the Army Duck.  What an amazing vehicle they are and we were stunned to learn that because the menfolk were overseas fighting in the World War it was left to to the women to build these incredible vehicles.  Maybe that is why they have stood the test of time.  We all know women do it better!  Hahahah!

After we left the Rainforest Station we headed back down the Kuranda Range and then north along the Cook Highway back to Julatten.  It was a simply beautiful day and as always the drive was gorgeous so we decided to make a detour into Port to visit our favourite coffee shop "Whileaway" to enjoy a good coffee and vanilla slice before making our way home.

It was a fantastic day and just to put a full stop to the day we sipped on a nightcap of Penfolds Grandfather Port that son and DIL had given Philip for Fathers Day.  Ahhhhh. Bliss.

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