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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Hosting Photo Club.

Last week-end it was my turn to host the monthly photo club meet.  All members arrived at our place at about 10am for tea/cofee/cake and shortly afterwards we all displayed our photos for voting and points.  Everyone was keen to then take a walk around the garden to photograph some of the flowers that are loving spring.  While we were taking photographs, Hubby fired up the bbq and cooked up sausages and onions for the sausage sizzle.   After a leisurely lunch we then made our way to our cars and drove to the top of the bump track where we walked into Robbins Creek.  The track was unusually dry.  Any other time we have walked it we have been attacked by leeches, but not this time.  But, also because it was so dry we missed out on all the wonderful fungi that is usually seen.
Robbins Creek is a most beautiful spot and a place we have visited often.  The serenity however was broken by a couple of cyclists who came down the track at a hundred miles an hour!  Wow those bikes fly!   If you were unlucky enough to be in their path you would surely come out the worse for wear.
We spent about an hour walking around Robbins Creek taking photographs before deciding to head back up the 2.5km track.  Most of us had functions to go to that evening so we didn't stay as long as we might have otherwise.  The Bump Track is only a five minute drive from home for us so we will come back again in the next month.

A well camouflaged goanna.

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