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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunset Cruise at Port Douglas

The president of our Photography club has a twin sister and they turned 50 this week.  Happy Birthday Nada!  They planned a whole weekend of festivities kicking off with a Sunset Cruise aboard "Aquarius" on Friday evening.  It is something I've always wanted to do and even though Hubby was not here to enjoy it with me I decided to go anyway.  I'm glad I did.  There was about 25 in our party that boarded the yacht and we headed straight for the front of the boat....by far the best place to be!
We were treated to a glass of champagne as we boarded and then plates of yummy Nibblies were brought around during the course of the journey.  The yacht made it's way out of Dickson Inlet and then headed south to sail along the length of Four Mile Beach.  As the sun started slowly sinking we made our way back to the Marina at Port Douglas.
The group had a great time on board Aquarius.  For those that did not have to drive at the end of the journey the drinks flowed and the birthday girls really had a ball.  Someone (I didn't see who) threw a jug of ice over Nada and so the fun began with ice flowing in every direction!
I did try and get some photos but the fact was that I just wanted to soak it all up without a camera at my eye!  However these are the ones I did get.

Joan with the perfect seat right at the front of the yacht!

Getting comfortable before we set sail.  This is our party.

One of the birthday girls.

Glorious Port Douglas

Dickson Inlet.

In full sail aboard Aquarius

Delicious Nibblies

Another of the sunset cruises

Looking towards Black Mountain

Sunset over Dickson Inlet

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