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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Winter Flowers

We are right in the middle of winter and the garden is still giving.  The bromeliads have started flowering and will continue now for sometime.  The little impatiens that we planted along the pathway as cuttings are showing signs of full recovery and flowering.  They will flower almost all year round.  The dahlia and cornflower seeds that were sown a month ago have now poked there head out to the sun and will be a beautiful show in spring.  The orange and mandarin trees have been cleared of all fruit but we continue to have an abundance of lemons, grapefruit and limes.  Fortunately for me I love lemons and grapefruit and squeeze one each morning.  Lemons in particular are extremely good for us and during my cancer journey I was encouraged to have a lemon juice  each morning.  The juice helps to cleanse the blood and, believe me, after all the chemo drugs that were pumped through my veins I needed all the help I could get!
The Bismark Palm is really taking off as are the mast trees in the foreground.

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