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Friday, 25 July 2014

Mossman Show

So....the Mossman Show is now a distant memory.  It was a very busy week-end for the camera club. We took umpteen dozen photographs at the portrait studio and the 2015 calendars sold like hot cakes. This is one of our biggest fundraisers for the year so it is important to put everything into it and all the members that helped out need a big pat on the back.  My job was photo editing and printing.  I had the very capable Michelle to help me out on both days so I did get an opportunity to walk around the arena and take a few photos of things other than portraits. Hubby came down for the show on Monday and stayed right through until we packed up that evening.
In the main arena on Monday afternoon we watched the "Anything Goes" competition.  It is an obstacle course where teams compete against each other to do things like filling a 200 litre drum by bucket, walking the plank with wine glasses full of water and filling a jug, throwing a football through a hole in the wall and, finally, completing a jig-saw puzzle. I think I missed a couple of obstacles but needless to say it is very entertaining and we enjoy watching it every year.
The photo club "studio"

This was my corner

Really?  Would you ride this?  Not I!

Now.  This is what I could ride!

Contestants getting the brief on the "Anything Goes" obstacle course

I think it's full!

Such a delicate job to fill the jug from the wine glass

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