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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Daintree River

A couple of the photographers from the club drive to the Daintree River each afternoon to photograph the sunset.  Hubby and I tagged along for one of the shoots.  I have to tell you the sunset is quite spectacular.  An added bonus is the ingrets flying  in waves over the river, very low, to make their way further upstream to roost each night.  The crocs think it is a bit of sport to jump up and try to catch them but the birds are way to smart for that and make a wide arc around any lurking crocodiles.  I tried to photograph the crocs but they are very fast!  I am determined to get a photo of the croc jumping out of the water so I will go back to this spot again in the near future.

A passing boat made some nice ripples in the water

The ingrets fly very close to the water

You can just make out the crocodile in the top right.  He was about 3 metres.

The croc was a long way downstream and even with the 300mm lens I could only just make out the outline

The last of the birds coming in to roost.

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