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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Calendars become Placemats

With the Mossman Show on this weekend I have been busy turning some of the 2014 photography club calendars into placemats.  It does seem ironic that these calendars are no longer a saleable item but the club has already produced it's 2015 calendar and they will be on sale at the show.
So it's out with the laminator, trimmer and glue and the laborious job of pulling apart the calendars.  When I first started it was taking me an hour to do two sets of placemats but I have sped up somewhat and it is now taking me an hour to do four sets!
The placemats have turned out remarkably well and we will be selling a set of 6 for $10.  Cheap by any standard!  I myself think they will be great on the outside table when we have guests for a bbq and will be a bit of a talking point.

First they need to be trimmed

Then laminated.

Clean up the mess from the work area,

And then bundle them up and tie with raffia.

So calendars become placemats.

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