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Monday, 28 July 2014

Wine Tasting

Back in May, Hubby and I and our Kuranda friends visited the Home and Camping Expo in Cairns.  At one of the stalls inside the pavilion we found a gentleman selling wine tasting vouchers for $25 so of course we purchased one.  We were assured that the wines from Pieroth where as close to preservative free as you can get.   Now, I really enjoy a good glass of wine but lately I have been plagued by headaches after just one glass.  I have been putting it down to the massive amounts of preservatives that are added to the wine these days.  In fact the gentleman from Pieroth explained to us that grapes are harvested by machines that not only removes the grapes and leaves but also any little bugs that might be hidden amongst the grapes so that when they come into the winery to be processed  many chemicals have to be added to the grapes to kill off the bacteria.  It is depressing to know this. The grapes from the Pieroth Wineries, around the world, are hand picked to avoid contamination therefore eliminating the use of lots of chemicals.  We also noted that the Pieroth wines are lower in alcohol (about 8%) because of the better handling of the grapes.  That is a big win. Most wines we are buying off the shelf in Australia are around the 12% mark.
So, on Saturday I invited our friends to join us for the wine tasting (with the obligatory cheese platter) followed by a traditional "Sunday" Roast.  The wines were superb and Tim, from Pieroth, was very knowledgeable.  He answered any questions we posed and his love of wine was quite obvious.  Altogether we sampled six whites, six reds and six various liqueurs.  I found it surprising that as a lover of white wine I had actually scored the reds higher marks so in two weeks time we will have a couple of cartons of good wine delivered to our door.

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