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Saturday, 19 July 2014


Lately, we have been leaving our border collie, Lily, out of her kennel each night.  Something has been digging in our garden and we suspected bandicoots.  She is very good and chases them well away from the garden.  But one night about a week ago Lily started barking, and barking, and barking.  It was most unusual for her and we thought that it was probably an echidna.  I also found evidence in the garden with one of the stepping stones overturned.  They are heavy and it could only be an echidna that would have the strength to turn one over.
Today Philip found the little devil,  holed up in amongst the bales of hay.  After a battle of strength Philip finally got it out of the hay and into a bucket.  We then drove up to Mt. Lewis to re-locate it.
I was fascinated with how fast they bury themselves.  From when we tipped it on to the ground to when it was half buried took about three minutes.  They are incredibly strong.

Tucked up into a ball in the bucket ready for relocation

The digging begins

Almost fully buried

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