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Saturday, 27 October 2012

White Lion Jungle Ride

DH's vintage Mongoose that he will NEVER part with!

Daintree River Ferry
Lookout at Thornton's Peak

DH looking comfortable!
Today, DH rode in the White Lion Jungle Ride from Port Douglas to Cape Tribulation, a distance of 90km. The cyclists can then do the return ride, if they so wish.  Not many decide to do the return as it is quite difficult riding Thorntons Peak, the third highest mountain in Queensland.  DH initially said that he would finish at Cape Tribulation but when he arrived there he was feeling so good that he decided to do the return as far as his legs would carry him.  I was his support so I followed along behind him....driving at a speed of 20-30 kph.  Can't say I'm not a dedicated wife!  Anyway, DH finished the ride at the 145km mark.  He rode the 145km in 5 hours and 49 minutes and I'm very proud of him.
Pack riding

The return ride home was much faster than the ride to Cape Tribulation.  On the way up to Cape Trib the riders were split into six "packs" according to there riding ability.  DH had elected to ride in the group 27-29 kph.  On the way back it was a "free for all" and a case of "keep up if you can".  The pack kept up a much faster pace, around the 30 kph.  DH did very well to keep the pace.

I spoke with a few of the riders, who had travelled from all over Australia, and everyone of them was impressed with the ride.  It is a very beautiful ride through the rainforest and I think that is why the ride has so many repeat riders.  There are plenty of water stops for the riders, one being on the Daintree River Ferry!

Pack coming in Wonga Beach stop
DH wants to do the ride again next year....the whole 180km.....and I'm sure that he will ride that with ease!
Pack riding through Mossman


  1. Hi Judi, lovely piece. I did the ride with some of my friends in 2011, up from Melbourne. Lesley Stephens was a wonderful inspiration and the ride was fantastic. I hope to do it again this year, holidays, etc permitting. A beautiful part of the planet to ride and a very good community feel. I did a post on it when we did it with some pictures here http://11peaks4thecrew.blogspot.com.au/2011/11/jungle-ride-port-douglas.html

    ANyway, I hope your partner does it next year and completes the round journey.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, my DH will most probably do it again next year! Such a great experience for him. He is a triathlete and loves doing the Julia Creek Dirt and Dust. Have you heard of it? Everybody should experience it at least once in a lifetime!

  2. Hello Judi, this is Lesley and I came across your lovely pages whilst checking the Whitelion facebook page a few moments ago. I thought it was absolutely lovely, I'm so pleased that your lovely DH enjoyed the ride and hope I have your email contact so you are receiving emails I've just begun sending out. I've been in hospoital for the past 3 months in Brisbane and should be out next week, hurrah for that, and am trying to get things underway from here. I have a group of lovely people in PD giving me a hand. The ride this year is on October 19th, though I had originally told a few people it was Nov 2nd, my much preferred date. Problem with Nov 2nd would have meant perhaps 50 or more riders not being able to join us because of the Great Barrier Ref Marathon, so I apologise sincerely to any I have already sent that date to.
    I'll look forward to being in touch with you via email and if I don't have your address mine is las56@bigpond.net.au Warmest wishes..Lesley