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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sunrise in the West

This is a sunrise!

I took this photo when we were at one of our North West Queensland properties.  I  never tired of this beautiful view in any of the thirty years that I lived there and I have to tell you that the sunsets are just as spectacular.
The north west is vast.  It is very flat and has very few native trees.  The native grasses are flinders and mitchell and after an exceptional wet season this year there is an abundance of grass.
Where we live now, in tropical North Queensland, it has it's own beauty but I never get to see the sun rising over the horizon nor the sun setting in the west.  We have rainforest mountains surrounding us so the sun rises and sets behind them.  I can of course drive to one of the nearby beaches to watch the sunrise and I have done just that many times, but nothing is the same as the sunrise in the west.

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