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Thursday, 18 October 2012


I'm not a vegetarian.  Never have been and never will be.  I love a good piece of meat - preferably beef - and we eat it at least once a day.  I don't knock vegetarians because I believe that everyone should be able to make choices without prejudice.  Personally I think that it is not a healthy diet to take out meat.  I have three friends (all vegetarian) who have been quite ill in the last few months.  All have been told the same thing, bad bacteria in the stomach?  To me there is a pattern forming but I'm not a GP.

What I do object to however is the vegetarian lady that told me that the reason she gave up eating meat was because of the way animals are treated.  I was truly gobsmacked when this woman made this statement.  We LOVE our animals and would never intentionally harm a single one of them.  We even go as far as naming them and if you follow my posts you would have read about Delila, the twins, etc etc.  Even on the station where we are running thousands of cattle our weaners are almost pat quiet.  This is because at weaning we hand feed them for  a long time so that they become used to humans and they know that they do not need to be afraid of us.
This is REALLY bad treatment of animals (ha! ha! Actually its DH having a chat to one of the wearers!

Now, I'm not naive enough to think that all people treat their animals with the same amount of respect that we extend to our animals but these people are most certainly the minority and it is very unfair to base allegations about animal mistreatment on the majority of us.
Yep, here he is again mistreating the animals!

And why are some (not all) vegetarians taking on a "holier than thou" attitude towards us meat-loving folks and making us feel guilty that we enjoy it!  This minority group of vegetarians are becoming more and more vocal and we are targets........ easy targets, with our easy going country natures that really don't like confrontation.

That same woman that made the comment about animal treatment was carrying a leather handbag and was also wearing leather shoes.  Undoubtably she drove off in her car with leather car seats.  But hey, it's not for me to point out where the source or her leather came from.  So much for loving your animals!

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