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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fish Fingers

We had fish fingers for dinner tonight.  This may not seem like a profound statement but to DH and I it was a walk down memory lane.  We have not eaten these little morsels of loveliness for many years, indeed not since the boys were little and my youngest son is now 31!
You see, we lived in a very remote area of Australia for the greater part of our married life.  When I first moved to our western property in 1977 the only frozen food we could buy, came in a Peters "shipper"  A shipper was a large cardboard box lined with plastic to hold the dry ice and the frozen goods.  It stood about a metre and a half high and was about a half meter wide.  It was bulky to handle.  These shippers came out by train in a "cold car" and we had to make sure we were there to meet the train at the station in our little local town as the dry ice would not stand the 40 plus degree heat.
The frozen goods that we ordered were real treats.  Things like meat pies, chiko rolls and fish fingers!   It's a shame that these days we are told that those foods are bad for us, because, my goodness, they sure were tasty!  Everyone looked forward to those shippers that were ordered two or three times a year.

Anyway, back to our dinner tonight. These little fish fingers were just as nice as we remembered.  We did eat them with salad and lemon juice squeezed liberally over them and did not include fries on the side, so it was a little bit healthy.  I don't want to read what these little morsels are made of.  I might be shocked into never eating them again!

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