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Friday, 19 October 2012

It's nice to smile

I follow a blog called Woogsworld and I advise you all to check it out.  Mrs Woog writes from the heart and is incredibly funny.  Yesterday she wrote about crashing her brand new Kluger (or as she calls it, Sonia) into her husbands surfboard that was hanging from the ceiling in the garage (you really should read this).  Anyway, I commented back to Mrs. Woog about the time that I backed into a parking meter in Mount Isa of all places.  It was quite funny and Mrs Woog emailed me that she went to bed with a smile on face after reading that comment.

It made me think about things that make me smile.  I have a quirky sense of humour and I really hate it at times because the things that make me smile are things that cause another person discomfit. 
I love Funniest Home Videos.  I don't just smile I really laugh.  So is this a bad thing and am I a bad person?  I almost wet myself when I saw our PM trip over her heels in India and go down to the ground.  Poor woman.  But, I empathise because it has also happened to me in front of a lot of people.

Sometimes I get the giggles at the most inappropriate times, like for example, at a meeting when you have a guest speaker who trips on his way to the dais.  I try to hide the giggles with coughs but that just comes out sounding ridiculous.
So, my mother says that laughter is the best medicine but should I laugh at another persons discomfit?

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