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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Jade Vine

A VERY rampant Flame of the Forest
When we started our garden a few year ago, we planted a vine called Flame of the Forest.
The flower
 The nursery that sold it to us said that it grew very fast but little did we know how rampant it would be.  Within a year it had taken over our pergola and it was a never ending job to keep it pruned.  We kept it for two years and then we dug it out.  It got too much for us.
Jade Vine Flower
The Flame of the Forest had a cousin/brother called Jade Vine.
 We had first seen this beautiful vine at an open garden in Port Douglas and fell in love with beautiful jade flower that it produced.  We wanted it but finding it proved to be difficult.

 We eventually stumbled upon a nursery that only sold it to us if we took great care of it!  A big ask!  Anyway we planted it last year and this year we have the first flower.  It is as beautiful as I remembered.  The vine is quite slow growing so it is perfect for our pergola.
A closeup of the Jade and Purple Flower

1 comment:

  1. OMG I ADORE the Jade Vine!

    I saw it for the first time last month, when my brother showed me photos of it growing over the 'Lions Den' pub (either in Bloomfield or Cooktown - not sure which now) in full flower. Just glorious and spectacular!

    I'm not sure that the climate is right for it down here, but isn't it amazing!? I am so envious.