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Sunday, 28 August 2016

In the last week we have......

.......dined with friends from Caloundra at our little local tavern, practised yoga TWICE this week and walked EVERY day, made a trip to Cairns to check on the  conversion progress of our new Toyota (almost completed), purchased a rechargeable blower from Bunnings that has been THE best thing we have ever owned (the garages have never been cleaner), ate Hummingbird Cake at Bunnings, cos' you know its hard work in Bunnings, trucked our weaner steers to be sold at Mareeba market on Friday (they sold very well with record prices), started moving the gravel from the driveway so that it can be converted to lawn (we have now broken three windows from whipper snipping the driveway), pulled a breech birth calf (Philip....today, and the calf is still weak but we think it will survive), cooked some delicious meals with the lobster tails that were given to us by a friend, took a blast from the past and made little Golden Syrup steamed puddings (that I converted to Paleo), checked on our little abandoned calf that is a real fighter and getting a feed from any cow that will let her.
What else, oh, that's right, did I mention it was my birthday...........actually we celebrated two birthdays, mine (59) and my friend (58), had a birthday lunch at Bel Cibo in Port Douglas, received some fantastic gifts for my birthday; Candle Holder with the most beautiful smelling candle, Salad Servers that I have been lusting after for ages, wine glasses from my friend, a gorgeous ring from my hubby that is still in transit, cash from Mum and John that I converted to Manicure/Pedicure/Hairdo.  Yes, actually it has been a fabulously busy week!

Lobster Ceasar Salad with crumbed eggplant on the side

Our new car....needs suspension upgrade and toolboxes fitted and it will be ready to go (about two weeks)

Hummingbird Cake complete with the obligatory plastic fork

Morning Walk

Our little abandoned calf (on the left) sneaking drink from an unsuspecting cow.  It's learnt to come in from behind so the cow doesn't see it.....clever little thing!

Golden syrup Pudding

My husband made us this delicious lobster and prawn salad for my birthday lunch

Gifts from my DIL and son
Out goes the gravel driveway to be replaced with grass.
Our little breech calf.  She can't stand yet as her back feet are very swollen.

More gifts from the family

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