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Sunday, 7 August 2016

A Family Visit

We have just farewelled my mum and her partner after they spent the past week with us.  We planned this trip quite a few months ago, booking flights and ensuring that the bus timetable fitted in nicely with their Jetstar flights.  They bussed it from Toowoomba to Brisbane Airport and from there it was on to Cairns.  They had a bit of trouble getting through security at Brisbane Airport however and I intend writing to the head of security about the way John was treated.
John has had a hip operation and of course this sets off the beepers as he passes through the security screen.  However he was then made to stand with his arms out-spread for quite a length of time and then told to sit on a chair with his legs in the air, again, for quite a length of time while the security lady checked him over for "weapons of mass destruction!"  After he was cleared the security guard then turned his suitcase upside down and emptied everything out.  All she found was a gel deodorant that she claimed she needed to confiscate.  For goodness sake.  John is closer to 80 than 70 so you can imagine his stress through this ordeal and I think somebody should be apologising for this.
I am pleased to report though that the return trip was 300 percent better.  The security guard in Cairns airport was very friendly and joked with John through the check and didn't make him stand with this arms outstretched for any length of time.  Brisbane airport seems to be the problem.
We planned the time that Mum and John were with us very carefully as we didn't want to tire them too much!  They certainly brought the sunshine with them and it was a welcome change for us to have sunshine days rather than the cloudy wet days we had been experiencing.
One morning they went with Philip to move the cattle from one paddock to the next....

Mum asked me to take some photos of the garden to show her friends so here a couple of the ones that I chose.....

On Thursday we took them on a Daintree River Cruise to spot some crocodiles.  It was almost low tide so we saw many crocs of various ages.  In fact it was the most we had ever seen!

It is very rare to see Thorntons Peak without cloud cover!

The beautifully serene Daintree River

While we were waiting for the cruise to depart we watched a little sunbird making its nest and then I photographed one of the magnificent orchids in the lovely garden at the Discovery Centre.

On Friday we decided to have lunch at our local tavern....The Highlander.  We often take friends there for lunch and even though it is "pub grub" it is usually good quality and it didn't disappoint.  Mum and I both had the grilled coral trout and Philip had the Lasagne.  John had the mashed potatoes and sausages.  

We loved having Mum and John visit us and we hope that they try and come up here for winter each year to get away from the very cold weather they experience in Toowoomba. 

Mum and John, you took the sun with you as it has been wet and cold ever since you left yesterday!

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  1. Fabulous to see Merle looking so well and so happy! How lovely that they got to spend time in paradise with you, but how horrible for John at Brisbane airport!! I'll be interested to hear what sort of response you get with your complaint Judi.