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Sunday, 14 August 2016

House Repairs

For the past few years we have been watching in dismay as the architraves and skirting in our home gradually disintegrated.  It is doubly disappointing because when we purchased our home, less than ten years ago from Traditional Queenslanders, we were assured that the materials that they used for the building of the house were top grade but I can tell you now that the MDF (Manufactured Density Fibreboard) architraves and skirting are not top quality and should never have been used in our high humidity climate.
You see the problem is that the fibreboard just swells....and Swells and SWELLS and then disintegrates......
The swelling in the fibreboard is quite obvious in this photo

The MDF skirting

When we contacted Traditional Queenslanders they apologised and said that they used MDF because they couldn't get the profile that they wanted to use in pine.  It's a reason but not an excuse.  Traditional Queenslanders have given us a large discount on the new pine architraves and skirting but really it is a pittance compared to how much this repair work is going to cost.  So far we have had the builder for four ten hour days and we have at least another three days to replace the skirting. The painter will be the next tradie and goodness knows how long that will take.  Altogether we replaced the architraves around 6 sets of French Doors, 9 sets of louvres, 2 bifold doors, 2 windows, 3 built in wardrobes and both sides of 7 doorways! It is a lot of work.

Anyway the good news is that we will have a home that looks (almost) like new.

The verandah has become a construction site

From room to room....here is the bedroom that my mum slept in just last week!

The newly replaced architraves

Philip and John spent many hours undercoating the architraves so that it would be easier for the painter.

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