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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Whatever Happened to Santa Claus?

Santa Claus has gone missing and those at the North Pole are worried.  Could someone have stolen Santa, or worse!
This is the setting for the "party" that we went to on Saturday night.  Twelve players each hard a part to play and as we acted out our parts, hidden clues and messages were revealed as to Santa's disappearance and whereabouts.
What a great night we had.  Our friends Colin and Maree hosted this christmas party with a difference and everyone really got into the swing of it.  The hosts had set the room up to look like Santa's toy shop with presents scattered here and there.  Fantastic. And then there were the costumes.  Everyone had gone to so much trouble in replicating there character.  They really where splendid.  We had the mad scientist, Dr Dee Struction (played by Philip) The Chinese Lady, Lei Ying Lo (played by myself), Italian Mafia Man Tony Mascarpone, Postmaster Patch Elf, The Toymaker, Mrs Claus, The Swiss Banker, a Russian Princess, US Senator, The Irish Leprechaun, Santa's Daughter Calamity and Santa's Son.   Then there was the Security Officer, the Movie Star and the Singer.  Wheeww!  Quite a cast.
During the three part play we enjoyed a three course meal.  Everyone brought a plate so that it was not too much of a burden on the host and hostess and the food was so very tasty and delicious.
I'm not going to tell you what happened to Santa Claus (that was revealed at the end of the night) because you never know.  You might be invited to one of these fun parties one day!

Here is a collection of photos from the evening.

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