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Monday, 8 December 2014

Pieroth Wines

A few months ago I posted about a wine tasting that we had at our place.  HERE is the post.  I'm very pleased to report that we have almost finished the wines that we ordered and they have been spectacular!  I don't normally drink red wine but after drinking the reds that we purchased I am now a  devoted lover.  It turns out that the red wines that I have had previously have been "rough reds" because the wines that we purchased from Pieroth are so smooth that they glide down the throat.  The Pieroth wines have very few preservatives so consequently are lower in alcohol.  Almost all of the wine bottles are corked and there really is something special about the plop as the cork is removed.
My favourite so far has been the Parliament of Owls - Cabernet Merlot - 2013.  It is such a "ladies" wine as we found out at a recent party when we produced a bottle!

We were invited to Pieroth Wines christmas wine tasting last weekend. We tried more than 20 different wines (including champagne and liquors) and rated them as we went along.  It was extremely hard to choose wines as they are all truly excellent. 
Pieroth had a special deal going whereby if you bought 10 cartons of wine they gave you another 4 cartons for free. It was a good deal because they allowed us to make up a joint order with our friends.  The wine worked out to be just over $23 per bottle. That really was a good deal and we won't have to buy any more wine for a very long time!  We are all looking forward to receiving our cartons of wine before christmas.
 Philip and I loved the Prosecco and chose that as our "freebie".  The plan is to take a few bottles to Toowoomba for drinking over the Christmas period.  

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