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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Ulysses Butterfly

I've written before about the beautiful Ulysses Butterflies that hover around our garden intermittently.  They are certainly prolific at the moment with lots of pollen laden flowers to choose from although they seem to prefer the pentas.
They are extremely hard to photograph as they never stop moving and when they do eventually stop to gather pollen they close their wings so that you can't get a photo of their magnificent colouring.
I chase them all around the garden trying to get a photo but have found the best result is to stand in one spot on the verandah and just take photos with a high speed shutter.  Of course I end up with dozens of photos but there is usually one that might be OK.  Here are my attempts today.


  1. Hi Judi, I found your Blog by accident as I was searching for info on a Scenic Cruise ( Paris to Budapest) I’ve booked for June 2015. I enjoyed reading of your experience. And am now I’m hooked into reading your Blog......you definitely have a gift with words. Plus some great pics to boot. Thank you for sharing. Kind Regards, Judy Robson.

    1. Thank you Judy. I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. You will love the Scenic Cruise. You are made to feel special every single day of your holiday and what a great trip you have planned for 2015! Merry Christmas!