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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Masterclass Cooking Class

We went to a Masterclass Cooking Class using Chef's Tool products on the weekend.  I had never heard of Chef's tools but after going to this demonstration I'm hooked.  Ben Milbourne who hosts Ben's Menu at 4pm each weekday on channel 10 is an ambassador for the product.  I didn't know that before this demonstration but I did wonder about the non stick cookware he was using.
The cookware is very good quality.  I would put it up there with the old Bessemerware and we all know how many years they stood the test of time.  The cookware is expensive but good quality is always expensive.  They have two size pressure cookers that I was impressed with but as I already own a pressure cooker I turned my attention to other things.  I really needed a small saute pan so I purchased that along with some silicon spatulas and a good size chopping board that I will use to serve a cheese platter.
In order for my host to gain more points I booked a party for the last week in January.  I would really love the large saute pan and by hosting a party I can purchase this at a very low price.  Win.
Our demonstrator cooked a delicious Chicken, Leek & Fetta Risotto in the large pressure cooker and a Sticky Date Pudding with a Butterscotch Sauce in the large Saute Pan.  The meal was so so delicious!
If you would like to know more about the product HERE is the website and if you want to purchase any of the products let me know and you can add them to my party order.😊😊😊

This Risotto cooked in a matter of minutes inn the pressure cooker.

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