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Thursday, 11 December 2014

On owning a HSV Senator Signature.

HSV stands for Holden Special Vehicle and right from the very first moment that we sat in our new car we have felt pretty darn special.  The HSV Senator Signature is awesome.  I don't think I have ever driven a more powerful vehicle that feels so incredibly safe.  It is luxury with a capital L and powerful with a capital P.
My love of V8's came from my father.  He was always a Holden man and gradually worked his way up through the Holdens.  When mum and dad were first married they owned a Holden Ute.
The ute looked much like this one.
It was probably a great car for a couple but as the family grew to five it became too small.  I still remember the times that we visited our grandparents on their farm at Pittsworth.  We always stayed for dinner so consequently the kids crashed out as soon as we piled into the car.  How did we all fit?  Well, one of us would lie on the "shelf" behind the front seats, one would curl into a ball on the floor at mum's feet and mum would nurse the youngest.  It probably took us a couple of hours to drive home but we kids never complained!
The next Holden that Dad bought was a Station Wagon.  Oh my gosh...all that room.  We all loved that car to bits.  Dad's final Holden was a V8 Statesman.  I can still see the pride in Dad's eyes as he brought that car home from the dealership.  Dad put so much love and care into his cars.  Not a week went by without them being washed then tyres and oil checked.  You can understand why Dad kept all his cars for more than 10 years.
So getting back to our Holden.  HSV's are hand built.  The core vehicle is sent over to the HSV factory from Holden and is then stripped right back.  It is then re-fitted with HSV components.  From when you place your order for your HSV to when it arrives is about twelve weeks.
But the real joy of owning a HSV is that you are made to feel very special.  Within a couple of weeks of owing our car, this arrived in the mail.

A very large box!  When we opened it, this was what we found.....

OK...so it was a very large box for what was inside (cap, pen, key ring and leather note book) but it was the thought that counts.  There are about 3500 HSV's made each year so that is a lot of gifts!
And just to make us feel even more special, we had a phone call from the Holden Dealership (Irelands Cairns) to ask us if we would like to join them in their corporate box this Friday to watch the Taipans versus Crocs basketball game!  Would we ever!
So after all this would we ever buy another HSV.............in a heartbeat!

I wash our car every week...... thanks for the inherited pride Dad!

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