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Monday, 13 October 2014


Either side of the garden pergola we have two large garden beds that hold a variety of day lilies, spider lilies, agapanthas and iris.  There is a riot of colour in late spring and through summer when these plants start flowering but unfortunately there is not colour at all during the colder months.  The answer this year was to plant red zinnias.  They have been flowering since the beginning of spring and looking at the number of buds I'm guessing they will continue for some time yet.  Behind the zinnias Trudi has planted cornflowers.  They are just starting to bud so I will post some photos when they are in bloom.
We gave the roses a hard prune in August and they have responded magnificently with a beautiful show of white.  I am always amazed at how quickly things grow in the tropics and how hard you have to prune plants to keep them looking at their best.  Thank goodness for my gardener!

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