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Monday, 6 October 2014

Golf in Mossman

Son and Daughter-In-Law came and had a few days with us a week or so ago.  They had been holidaying at Ellis Beach and asked if they could stay with us for the wedding that we were all invited to.  They are "mad keen" golfers and they asked if we would like to join them for nine holes at the Mossman Golf Course.  I said I would tag along as the photographer but hubby was keen to have a go.  
The Mossman Golf Course is a secret amongst the locals.  It is a beautiful setting (from a photographers point of view) and apparently an excellent course from a golfers point of view.  Visitors that come to the area usually have a round or two at the popular golf courses in Port Douglas and the locals neglect to mention the one at Mossman!  They don't know what they are missing out on.
We set off at around about 10am and finished the nine holes by 1am.  No winners or losers in this game....just one of fun.  After golf we had a delicious meal at the newly re-furbished Daintree Inn Hotel in Mossman.  I highly recommend this place.  The meal was cheap, served fast and was very very tasty.

A walk through the rainforest to get to the 7th Hole

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