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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Lake Mitchell

My good friend and fellow photographer Joan rang Monday morning to ask if we would like to join her for a sunset photo shoot at Lake Mitchell.
Lake Mitchell is a man-made lake between Mount Molloy and Mareeba.  It is a bird-watchers paradise with literally hundreds of varieties of different birds spread across the wetlands.  We saw ducks, swans, egrets and even a black cockatoo.  I am not familiar with a lot of the names of the birds but I am  learning.  The lake is also home to brumbies that we could spot in the distance.  Joan also told us about her close encounter, while kayaking on the lake, with a huge saltwater crocodile.  No-one seems to know how it got there but it is believed that it was an escapee from a crocodile farm that used to be close by.  All I know is that  I will certainly not be swimming there.
We drove a short distance into the lake and then parked the car for a walk to a spot on the lake where we thought we might get some nice sunset shots.  Unfortunately the water lilies that we thought might be flowering were not, so we didn't have a lot of foreground interest in our sunset shots, but nevertheless I am happy with them.  On the walk into the lake we watched a female turtle leave the water and make a nest on high ground to lay her eggs.  It was quite amazing to watch.
After the sunset we made our way back to the car.  We watched the "almost full" moon rising above us and decided we would come back another time and camp here.  We will pick another full moon and hopefully get some sunset/sunrise/moon shots.
As it was quite late when we left Lake Mitchell we stopped at the Highlander Tavern at Julatten for a delicious dinner.  Pizza for me!  Yumm!

Birdlife aplenty!

Black Swans

Brumbies grazing in the background

Glorious colours of the wetlands


Black Cockatoo

Female Turtle making her nest to lay eggs

Hubby enjoying the sunset

It doesn't get much better than this.

A Bad Moon Arising!

Day's done.

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