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Friday, 13 June 2014

That's my boy!

This is a photograph of my dog "Hudson".  He's just had a bath and is at his cleanest.

This is a photo of him today...

Hudson has been rat chasing.  The dogs just love it and they almost bury themselves trying to dig out the rats, and yes, they do kill (but not eat) them.  We have had about 150mm of rain in the past five days so you can imagine how wet the ground is.....perfect for digging!

They mostly dig out in the paddock but if they can smell a rat in the garden it's all for one.  We don't encourage the garden but but I would rather back-fill a couple of holes than have a plague of rats.

We have a python in our shed....we've only seen it once....and you would think that it might keep the rats at bay but I guess there is just too many for him at the moment.

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