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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Cairns Ironman 70.3

This was it.  The race that Philip and his team had been training for.  For months.  Cairns Ironman 70.3.  We arose at 4.00am to a wet and gloomy morning.  We meet the rest of the team at 4.30am so that we would have plenty of time to drive out to Palm Cove where the race was to commence at 7.15am.  It was just as well that we gave ourselves plenty of time because the traffic was heavy and most of the road had been closed to single lane.  The bike transition area was also a 500m walk from the car parking area.  Philip and Tracey familiarised themselves with the bike transition area.  There were literally thousands of bikes.

An ocean of bikes
A bleak morning

It didn't take long before the first of many waves of swimmers were called to start the swim leg.  A distance of 1.9km. 

The teams were the last category to be called and it was also the biggest category....181 teams.  The Tri-Umphants were in the mixed team category....92 teams.  Tracey swam a blistering fast time of 41.28 mins.

92 Team Swimmers lined up and ready to go

All the spectators made their way along the beach to where the swimmers would exit the water to start the bike leg.

Tracey made her way to the bike transition and Philip and her quickly exchanged the timer band and Philip was on his 90km ride.

The cyclists rode down the esplanade at Palm Cove before reaching Captain Cook Highway

Philip said his ride would take the best part of three hours so we made our way back into town to await his return.  I found a great spot right on the cycle finish line and waited. 

As I have said in earlier posts I have been a triathlon wife for more than twenty years so I'm quite used to the waiting between swim, bike and run but this was the longest wait I have ever made!  In fact I was unprepared for Philip when he crossed the line!  He had taken only 2hours 54minutes so it was a made scramble for the camera...all the while juggling an umbrella....to take these shots.

Philip made his way to the transition area where Jodie was waiting for him.....also unprepared!   Damn he did a good time!  Time now for Jodie to run the 21.1 km.  
Once again I had to juggle umbrella with camera to try and get the photo of Jodie.  Boy!  Is she fast!

Jodie thought she would take about an hour and fifty.  She actually did it in 1hour 46mins.  Blistering speed!
While I was waiting for Jodie to finish, I made my way over to the finish line for the presentation of medals to the Ladies Open winners.  

The winners of the Womens Open 70.3
I am so proud of Team Tri-Umphants.  They were placed in the top third of the teams, and that is a remarkable achievement for a team that have only competed in two triathlons.
Tracey and Philip joined Jodie as she crossed the finish line (all teams were encouraged to do so) and the smiles on their faces says it all.

Lots of smiles at the finish line

And congratulations!

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