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Sunday, 29 June 2014

So....what's been happening

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post and life has been hectic.  Trips to Cairns to see specialists.....Philip to Julia Creek for work commitments....(are we ever going to entice day workers back from the mines?)....an unscheduled trip to Charters Towers to say goodbye to a family friend.  This has been the order of the last two weeks.  Hubby and I meet in Charters Towers for the funeral on Thursday.  We both arrived on Wednesday as the funeral was at 10am on Thursday morning.  We stayed in Charters Towers Thursday night and said goodbye to each other Friday morning as I headed east and hubby headed west.
The rain has finally subsided here and it IS lovely to see the sun shining.  The garden is looking like it wants to burst at the seams with all the flowers that my gardener has planted...I will photograph them in a couple of weeks....but for the time being here are some photos that I took this morning.

This is our breeder mob.  They should start calving this coming week.  They are looking like they need supplement so a trip to Mareeba tomorrow to buy some lick blocks.

We call this cow "Dingo Girl".  You might notice that she only has half of her right ear.  When she was a baby she was attacked by dingoes.  She was missing for 10 days before our neighbour found her and brought her back to us.  Her mother took her straight back onto the teat and with plenty of antibiotics to heal the dingo bites she is now a mother herself and about to have her second calf.  Amazing!

The gardener has plenty of jobs to do in our garden.  Head down, butt up as the saying goes!

A little sunbird enjoying the comfort of the sprinkler amongst the pink salvia.

Pink everywhere in the garden at the moment.  The pink azaleas are particularly beautiful at this time of the year.

Another show of pink flowers.
We tried covering the mandarin tree but the birds are still eating the fruit.  Ah well.  Must share the love!

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