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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Pruning the Orange Tree

We inherited a navel orange tree when we purchased our property.  It is an incredible fruit bearer.  The tree is always loaded with lovely sweet navels at this time of the year.  We give away as many as we can to our friends but inevitably there will be more than we can giveaway.  This year I will take the excess to Meals on Wheels as I know they can always use them.
The tree is getting rather tall and that means it is much harder to get the oranges from the top so we decided to give the tree a good prune.  I wanted to prune the tree before it started flowering but alas, it has already started so we will probably only have a small crop of oranges next year.
We did give it a hard prune but I'm sure it will repay us.  We will now fertilise it with lots of cow manure and mulch and wait to see what it will be like next year.

Hudson looking on

A hard prune

Some of these oranges are HUGE!

A barrow load of oranges!

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  1. paradise allright. look how lush everything is.

    Was just getting firewood and pine cones ready to light the fire this afternoon. Getting low on the pine cones - collected from aunts place at Julatten! so must hunt down some more when we are up the tablelands in July. Must remember whenever we see a stand of pine trees roadside to pull up and hunt around!