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Friday, 6 June 2014

I just want to hug my new fridge!

But I'll settle for a kiss....

I just love it.  When we built our new house in 2006 we bought a side-by-side fridge/freezer.  At the time they were the go and for the life of me I don't know why!  The shelves on the fridge side were very narrow.  There was no way of putting a large platter on one of those shelves.  And also the fridge was so dark.  When I unpacked the old fridge I was astounded at the amount of food (mostly bottled) that I found tucked away in those dark corners.  I mean, who really needs three bottles of Thai Green Curry Paste.  I'd kept buying them because I thought I didn't have any!  And that was just one of the things that I'd doubled tripled up on.  The freezer was another thing.  All those freezer drawers. I found four packets of Tortilla's, and we hardly ever eat them!  And lets not forget the cocktail sausages. Three packets!  I must have been planning ahead for footy night (or a party).
My new fridge is a french door baby.  Those big shelves are meant for entertaining and looking at it now I wonder whether I will ever fill them.
The freezer is also a dream design.  One big deep pull out drawer with two drawers at varying depths above it.  I can now see everything easily and I am still wondering what to do with all those Tortillas! (Toasted and used as a dipper I suspect).
The worst thing about this monster fridge is it's weight....almost 200kg.  It was murder trying to get it up our seven steps.  The poor old delivery man is probably still cursing us.
Anyway, the fridge is now installed, plumbed in and humming like a bee.  Lets hope it gives us many years of trouble free refrigeration.

Room a-plenty on those shelves

Organised refrigerator chaos

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  1. I'd always wondered if those French door fridges were of any use. But I am convinced. Those wide shelves are brilliant!