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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Walking the Bump Track

The sign said: "The Bump Track is the old mining road that runs between Mount Molloy and the Mowbray Valley. It was blazed in 1877 by Christie Palmerston and his friend William Lakeland.  The road provided an essential route for bullock and pack-horse teams hauling basic supplies from Port Douglas to the interior.  It was the lifeline for a vast territory where mines, farms, stations and townships were being formed in the bush"
After our monthly photography group meeting a few of decided to walk a little way along the Bump Track.  We thought we might try a bit of Geo-Caching as there was a Cache at Robbins Creek. Unfortunately, the GPS ran out of battery and our visual search revealed nothing so we simply soaked up the serenity of our surrounds at Robbins Creek. It was a rainy day so the leeches were everywhere and it was a continuous job trying to keep them off us.....yeeessss.....we forgot the Aeroguard!
The start of our journey

Photographing Glenda taking a photo

A little grub inside it's amazing cocoon

My fascination with Fungi lingers,
and lingers,

and lingers!

Met a friend along the way.

DH and Robyn taking a rest at Robbins Creek

The serenely beautiful Robbins Creek.

Looking towards the little waterfalls that tumble over the rocks at Robbins Creek.

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