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Friday, 26 July 2013

Mossman Show

Last week-end was HUGE!  The Douglas Photographic Society - my photography group - decided to set up a portrait studio at the Mossman Show.  We had space in one of the pavilions, albiet not a big space, but space enough to create some great portraits.  We set up our area the day before the show and it looked pretty good.

I didn't think that we would be rushed off our feet, but how wrong I was.  We were really busy.  Our process was to take the portrait, then with the camera tethered to a laptop we were able to download straight to Lightroom.  We then asked the client to choose the photo/s that they would like printed.  They could choose either 5 x 7 or A4.  They could also have A3 as an ordered print.  From Lightroom we made slight adjustments to the photo and then it was printed. The whole process from beginning to end took about a half hour.  
We opened the studio at 9am and closed at 9pm.  As I was the only in our photography group that had a knowledge of Lightroom I was there for both 12 hour days.  However, on the second day I taught another one of our photography group ladies the Lightroom basics....enough to at least allow me toilet breaks!!
We are only a new group and as such have not much in the way of funds so it was pleasing that we made over $2000 for the two days.  Wow!  A good start for the club!
On the evening of the second day were the fireworks.  I LOVE fireworks.  They really set my heart racing.  I tried to get some good photos but fireworks are notoriously hard to photograph.  Here are some of the better shots.

DH and I took a stroll through Side-Show-Alley and it was pleasing that all the rides seemed to be popular.  The crowds appeared to be up on last year.  It is very hard to keep people attracted to the small regional shows and the organisers do a tremendous job.  I, for one, will always support the regional shows, and in particular the Mossman Show.

Sideshow Alley at night.

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