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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Birds in the Garden

My gardener, Trudi, and I,  love flowers in the garden so we have been busy filling the front garden beds with lots of them.  Salvias, Petunias, Cosmos, Gerbera, Lavender are all looking pretty and Trudi has also bought packet of seeds that she has planted here and there.   They will be our surprise package!
With all these lovely flowers has come the birds.  Little Yellow Breasted Sunbirds (Nectarinia jugularis) are in abundance and the Forest Kingfisher also pop in occasionally.  And of course The Laughing Kookaburra is never very far away.  They
The Winter Garden.  I'm so luck that I can have colour in winter.

came with the house!
Since living in the tropics and joining the photography group I am much more aware of the birds that are around me.  There chirping is a most welcome sound and I always stop and see if I can identify them.
I find birds difficult to photograph.  They are sooooo fast and you really need a tripod with a long lens to get great shots.  These are my hand-held shots that are taken "at the spur of the moment".
We don't have frosts that would normally burn off these flowers.

The Laughing Kookabura

Yellow Breasted Sunbird

Forest Kingfisher

1 comment:

  1. *gasp* Judi, your garden is looking BEAUTIFUL and ohhhh the birds!!! I've never seen a Yellow Breasted Sunbird (except in photos) and your Kingfisher is 'to die for'.

    I never use a tripod for my bird shots - they move about too much! But I know some very keen bird fanatics who sit in their 'hide' with cameras on tripods for hours, waiting, waiting, waiting for the elusive shot.

    That doesn't sound very exciting to me lol. I much prefer to lurk through the garden or rainforest with camera in hand :D

    Beautiful shots Judi. I am very envious of your wonderful healthy garden that attracts such wonder.