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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Lab and the Collie!

We have two dogs that I love to death......a Labrador called Hudson and a Border Collie by the name of Lily.  They are great dogs.  They are very well mannered and great company.  They also notify me when someone is at the security gate ....300 metres from the house!!!!

Each afternoon for the last half hour before they are locked in their kennels we throw the ball for them.

A.  It gives them excercise and B. They love it!

They wait eagerly for us to throw the ball.

And then the game is on!  If Hudson gets the ball first he brings it straight back to us for the next throw, but heaven help us if Lily gets its.  She becomes a "myall".  She will not bring it back to us but she also will not let Hudson bring it back until SHE is ready!  It's a bit of a power play.  Hudson waits patiently for Lily to bark .... once.....which means OK,  you can have it now!  And so the game continues.  

Hudson waits for Lily to give up the ball right under his nose!

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