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Monday, 1 April 2013


Ruedsheim is situated on the east bank of the Rhine River at the southern entrance to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley.  Ruedsheim is a wine producing area and a ride over the vineyards by Gondola was a wonderful way to see the town and to take in it's beauty.  The day itself turned quite nasty.  It started off at about 2 degrees but by the time we got  back to our ship it was snowing!  When we got back to the ship we set sail down the magnificent Rhine Valley Gorge - well we just have to believe that it is beautiful because it was snowing so heavy that we couldn't really see the castles that line the gorge.  Our cruise director has kindly given us all photos (on USB) of what we could have seen! We arrived in the lovely town of Koblenz in time to take some night photos.

Arriving into Rudesheim

Gondola ride over the vineyards

Yes, that is snow!

Koblenz at night

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