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Friday, 5 April 2013

Amsterdam Part 3

After such a replenishing sleep last night we were ready to hit the streets of Amsterdam again.  But, one look outside told us that it was not going to be a pleasant stroll in the park.  It was snowing - again!  Fortunately the snow did not last long so we boarded a "Hop-On-Hop-Off" bus for a trip around the city.  After the bus tour we jumped on the giant ferris wheel for a scenic view of the city - or at least I thought so.  DH was not impressed and slightly terrified!  After that we strolled back to our hotel via the "Red Light" district.  It was very sobering.

Your eyes are not deceiving you - the buildings are sinking.

The floating flower markets.   The boats are painted with murals on the canal side.

Amstel Hotel where all the rich and famous stay.

A slightly terrified DH on the giant ferris wheel

We were high but the people on the "swing chairs" were higher!

The Red Light District.  Under each red light is a little room with a full length window where the prostitutes are on display.  It is very sad.

We are now at Amsterdam Schiphol International airport waiting for our flight to Kuala Lumpar where we have an overnight stopover.  It is 6.36pm and our boarding commences are 7.35pm.  The screen says that it is a 20 minute walk to our gate from the KLM lounge so you can well imagine the size of this airport.  We arrive into Malaysia at 3.00pm Friday afternoon so we hope that will give us some time to have a stroll around.

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