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Tuesday, 16 April 2013


We have been home for eight days and to tell the truth it has taken that long to recover from the cold/flu that we contracted whilst overseas plus a bit of jet lag.  So now it is time to remember all the lovely places that we visited, people that we meet, food that we ate, and the knowledgeable tour guides that were so patient with us "Aussies".  I didn't post any photos of our "suite" on board the Scenic Diamond because they are not great photos but I decided to post anyway to give you all some idea of the "spaceship".  There were 170 guests on board the ship and 35 staff members.  Compared to other cruises that we have done with many thousands of people on board, this was very intimate and easy to meet and talk with other guests on board.

The ensuite was very compact but the shower was a marvel with three shower heads!

Very roomy vanity

King singles made into one bed were extremely comfortable.

The balcony would have been fantastic on a warm day.  The full length electric window could be set at any height

Not seen properly is the flat screen TV attached to the wall on the left.  It was actually a Mac that came with a keyboard  for  access to the internet.  Free WIFI onboard was very useful.

Would be do this trip again.....in a heartbeat.....but in the warmer months.  We have placed the river cruise from Paris to Barcelona on the "bucket-list", but not before 2015!

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