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Friday, 5 April 2013

Amsterdam Part 1

We arrived into Amsterdam at about noon today and everybody is slightly more subdued.  We only have one more night on the ship and tomorrow we will have to say goodbye to all the wonderful people that we have met.  Tonight everybody onboard is invited to Captains Cocktails and Gala dinner.  We will be farewelling the staff who have been so attentive to our needs.
Our tour today was to a cheese-making factory and then on to the windmills and clog making demonstration.  It took us forty minutes by bus to arrive into the Beemster area of the Netherlands.  This area was the first area to be reclaimed from a lake, the water being extracted by windmills.  We drove past the dykes that hold back the water.  The Beemster area is about two metres lower than the water on the other side of the dyke.

The dyke holding back the water in the Beemster area

Another photo of the dyke

Inside the windmill where the flour is stone-ground

Clog making demonstration


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