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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sailing from Budapest to Vienna

It is so cold and bleak.  They are forecasting snow within the next couple of days so that will be interesting.  Today we sailed from Budapest to Vienna.   As it is the beginning of spring, the trees are still trying to throw our their green shoots.  It is a very stark sight but the upside is that we can see so much more than if the trees were covered in leaves!
Here are some photos taken from the balcony as we sailed to Vienna.

One of the many castles at Brataslavia


There are hundreds of these little cabins along the Danube, some more elegant than others!

Vienna is beautiful.  Tonight the Scenic guests were invited to the Palais Liechtenstein for champagne and an evening of Viennese music.  DH and I are not classical music lovers but we were more than surprised that every song that was played, we knew.  It was a beautiful evening and a memory that will linger for a long time.

The Palais Leichtenstein

Inside the palace

The concert room

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