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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Durnstein and Melk

DH decided to do the bike ride from Durnstein to Melk - a distance of 32 kms.  The ride was for experienced riders only so I did the walking tours of both places.  It has been cold with temperatures ranging from -5 to 0 degrees, but surprisingly if you are not in the wind it doesn't feel that cold.
Durnstein is a little village right on the banks of the Danube.  I imagine in summer it would be a most beautiful village. If you wanted to you could walk up the hill to the monument to Richard the Lionheart.  I was content to stay at the bottom and take photos!  After Durnstein, and seeing off the bike riders, we boarded the ship to sail on to Melk.  As I was leaving the ship for the walking tour of Melk, I ran into DH who had just arrived back from his ride.  He also joined the walking tour.  Melk is also another interesting place with the Abbey of Melk towering over the city.  It did turn bitterly cold in Melk with nowhere to escape the winds.  We cut our trip short and headed back to the boat for a warming Schnapps!
The village of Melk

The enormous Melk Abbey overlooking the village


Spring is trying to spring

A very cold Melk

The cyclists getting ready to leave Durnstein bound for Melk

Dinner with a wind chaffed DH

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