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Thursday, 28 March 2013


Today we were in Regensburg.  What can I tell you about it. 
Regensburg is the capital of the Bavarian region and the centre of the town is a UNESCO world heritage site.  Regensburg sustained very little damage during World War 11 and

has an almost intact medieval city centre. The first settlements in Regensburg date to the Stone Age.  The German Gothic Dom (Cathedral) towers over the city.  Building of the cathedral started in 1275 and was completed in 1634 with the exception of the towers that were finished in 1869. 
Views from Wallhala
A giant mural of David and Goliath
DH took this photo of Wallhala

This tiny pub only holds 18 people and serves wonderful sausage and beer

Philip giving Poss some clues on riding the bike.
I did a self-guided tour of Regensburg today.  Scenic have these wonderful GPS devices that are loaded with information.  When you walk past a listed site the GPS starts talking to you.  As well, it guides you back to the ship if you lose your way and that is very easy!
DH took a bike ride to Wallhala today -24 kms round trip.  Unfortunately Wallhala was surrounded by scaffolding so they didn’t get to see too much of it but the views from the top of the hill were spectacular.

Cyclists back from their 24k ride

The weather appears to be getting worse with temperatures today from minus 1 to minus 7, but still surprisingly, it is not worrying us too much.

The Dom (Cathedral)

Medieval stone bridge

The outside cafes - covered in snow - amuse me.

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  1. Oh Judi, I'm so enjoying this trip with you! Your photos are wonderful and I wish I was sharing this experience in real life! Winter and the snow - though it looks cold, it also looks magical. Enjoy!